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      TIEOK founded in 2004, as the leading company for wireless communications products, satellite navigation products and other wireless signal shielding, environmental noise isolation and elimination of professional equipment manufacturers in China. We are the only professional R & D and production of wireless shielding test equipment factory inShanghai, can provide more timely and effective products and services inEast China. We are committed to becoming the leader in the wireless shielding test industry at domestic and overseas market.

     TIEOK main products and service: electromagnetic shielding, soundproof box, EMC chamber, RF antenna couplers, EMI signal filters, fixture, wireless shielding test solutions. Our devices are widely used in wireless communication products such as mobile phones, routers, wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless network card, wireless headsets, wireless remote control, WLAN, WIFI, Bluetooth, GNSS, DAB / DMB, RFID, smart home, smart cars, healthcare, wearable devices and other wireless communications products.

      We serve to all kinds of wireless electronic products, wireless communications products manufacturing, research and development enterprises, and various types of electronics, electrical consumer products manufacturing enterprises. Cooperate with relevant enterprises to improve product quality and production efficiency, test the consistency and reliability, the relevant international and domestic standards, EMC certification, etc.


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